Precious Metals Processing

Higher Profits & Recovery Rates, Faster Start-Up, Zero Pollution

Clean Energy

Oicintra’s consultancy capabilities translate into

Faster start-up or retro-fitting for your processing facility

Far less down time due to maintenance

Increased profits
Increased asset value

Plant Management or Staff Training

Environmental Hazards

Working conditions for miners are harsh, particularly in emerging markets.
Typical Health Hazards include the use of mercury by small- & medium-scale miners, and the use of cyanide by medium- & large-scale miners.
The Oicintra Inc. solution requires no chemicals to leach the precious metals from the ore. This translates into ZERO POLLUTION pollution for your Oicintra-managed precious metals processing operation.

Loss in Recovery

Typical recovery rates for many small- & medium-scale miners are approximately 25-30% (meaning 70-75% of the precious metals are lost when typical processing methods are used). The Oicintra Inc. solution provides recovery rates for precious metals and gemstones in excess of 90% (ninety percent)

High-Maintenance Costs and Expensive Equipment

Typical equipment acquisition costs for a medium-scale precious metal ore processing facilities easily can fall within the $7 million to $10 million USD range, just for equipment alone.

The Oicintra Inc. solution provides our medium-scale clients with an average equipment cost quote of approximately $500,000 USD. Maintenance costs are minimal and are included in management fees.

Lengthy Implementation

Lengthy Implementation and Set-Up Times

Building a typical industrial-scale processing facility typically requires two years or more, from project inception until the start of commercial operations, depending on the size of the project and local regulatory environment.

The Oicintra solution typically enables commercial operations to start within 6 – 8 months from inception of the processing plant design phase. This is due to the simplicity and efficiency of the plant design, and also is a result of the eco-friendly nature of the design (which enables rapid permitting where applicable)

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