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Keith McAllister

Chairman and CEO of Oicintra Inc.

Dear clients, shareholders, investors, and friends,

Thank you for your interest in Oicintra, Inc., we appreciate your interest in our focused vision and mission of building our company into a global conglomerate that will provide sustainable technological solutions to emerging market economies. Thank you for taking the time to review our website and our presentation packages for our parent company and all our other subsidiaries and sister companies. 

The year has been an exciting year for us at Oicintra, Inc. and I would like to take a few moments to share with you some of our developing initiatives that we have undertaken that will deliver the anticipated growth that we believe we will experience in the years to come. As we continue moving forward into 2022, the past year has been a milestone period for our company as we further broaden and diversify our portfolio and role as an innovative forward thinking and socially responsible 21st century industry leader. We have encapsulated our goals and ambitions into our slogan, “Connecting Billions” because we believe that our end-to-end innovations in technology, telecommunications and new media, renewable energy solutions, precious metals and human capital mining resource development, and our sustainability consulting services will deliver the value that we have projected for our company.

Our company mission within our technology sector that we project with our sister companies WorldVuer, Payodd, and are designed to empower emerging market consumer to touch their world while gaining control over their own money and capital resources in an ever-changing global village. Our mining and renewable energy sector vision, that we aptly call "Mines 2 Minds" and “Energy 4 All”, are coined to successfully grow and leverage our innovative solutions in the precious metals mining operations sector and renewable energy sector to generate substantial profits and value for our shareholders. Our company is at the forefront of an evolving 21st century environmentally conscious society where innovations need to be built to protect the ecosystem of our precious world. Even though the socioeconomic transformations within our industries of interest presents many challenges because of the COVD-19 pandemic, we are diligently combating the demands and challenges with our sustainable growth model of streamlined execution of our business plan. 

This razor focused attitude within our operations apparatus, coupled with the introduction of new and improved technologies and techniques that we have wholeheartedly embraced and integrated into our core operations, have allowed us to substantially reduce our operating cost, and increase our profit projections for 2022. We work diligently to provide a safe, socially and environmentally conscience and responsible operating environment within our company’s industrial plants worldwide. The meaning and definition of our new name (0-our l-innovative and Cintra means "creative endeavors") defines us, and establishes our commitment to develop, refine and deploy innovative solutions for the 21st century and beyond!

We foresaw many of the changes occurring in the precious metals industry, and we began assembling an unmatched suite of integrated assets and solutions back in 2014 that have positioned us to capitalize on the opportunities created, both now and in the future. Oicintra, Inc. remains a one-of-a-kind company. Ours is the only integrated precious metals and human capital mining model with a deep understanding of the diverse needs of our industry, retailers and wholesalers and consumers that purchase and utilize our products. These insights inform, motivate, and drive our forward thinking socially responsible company mission, vision, management, and employees; as well as our innovative, channel-agnostic products and solutions.

Our Mission:

As a conglomerate comprising of many focused subsidiaries and affiliate operating companies, Oicintra’s team is working daily to develop the most innovative solutions in the new age renewable energy sector, advanced solutions in the intelligence technologies for interactive media and telecommunications, reliable and sustainable environmentally protective mining, and natural resource extraction solutions, while establishing operating service centers for our target industries to cater for the needs of our clients. 

We are working daily to build an innovative, diverse, and sustainable group of companies that delivers top shareholder value and returns with end products of excellent quality and lasting value. We are integrating a forward-thinking management team with the development and deployment of cutting edge 21 st century technologies, techniques, and solutions; while remaining consistent with our safety, environmental and socially responsible attitude towards the delivery of our services.

Our Vision:

To be the global leader in sustainable 21 st century natural resources mining and extraction of different minerals such as Gold, Diamonds and Tantalum and in the development and mining of human capital and resources, and to earn the right to be recognized as the most valued, respected socially responsible company that places the safety of the environment and its people at its operational core. 

We also are focused on sustaining our subsidiary technology companies and affiliate interactive media companies’ growth strategy and innovative focus so that we can present our corporate narrative and story in a succinct manner to clients and consumers who patronize our entire suite of products and services we offer. 

Our Core Values:

Encourage trust, pride, honor, commitment, excellence, integrity, and respect. Embrace diversity, creativity, innovation, equality, and advancement

We practice, promote, and instill thorough and proactive top-down examples in leadership safety, respect and protection of the environment, and socially responsible industrialization to the local communities we work in and the world at large. We always Insist on and demonstrate teamwork, open interaction, honest knowledge transfer, and transparent communication throughout internal and external business and personal interactions and activities.

Who we are:

Oicintra, Inc. utilizes the best and most cost effective, safe, and environmentally responsible 21st century solutions in the precious minerals mining sector, energy sector, new media technologies sector, communications and infrastructure development sector, and the human capital and resource development industries respectively. We specialize in the placement of qualified and experienced personnel in every facet and area of our business.

With the objective of continuously improving and achieving excellence in our industry, we have developed and implemented an in-house training and placement program to ensure that we will always maintain our high standards of excellence and professionalism. Our team of highly professional, experienced, enthusiastic, and dynamic lateral thinkers has in-depth knowledge and understanding of our respective industries. They provide prompt, timely, comprehensive, and round-the-clock support to our clients, always ready to go the extra mile to ensure that our clients’ needs are judiciously met.

Our people are our most important assets and the building blocks of our success. It is thus our corporate philosophy to maintain a cordial and mutually supportive relationship with them by understanding and satisfying their needs to enable them to stay focused and perform to the best of their abilities.